The Colares UFO Flap

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  • 24 Apr 2024

In 1977, the tranquil fishing village of Colares, Brazil, became the unlikely focal point of an extraordinary series of events that would later be termed the Colares UFO flap. This phenomenon involved numerous reports of strange lights and UFOs in the skies above the town, captivating the local population and attracting international attention.

Historical Context of the 1977 UFO Sightings

The 1970s were marked by a heightened public interest in UFOs globally, partly driven by the space race and popular culture. Colares, however, would become one of the most documented instances of this decade.

Prior to the events in Colares, similar UFO sightings were reported worldwide, creating a backdrop of curiosity and fear that framed the local population’s response in Brazil. Some similar cases with multiple witnesses include:

  1. Roswell UFO Incident (1947) – USA
  2. Belgian UFO Wave (1989-1990) – Belgium
  3. Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980) – United Kingdom
  4. Phoenix Lights (1997) – USA
  5. Westall UFO Encounter (1966) – Australia

Eyewitness Accounts and Evidence

During the peak months of the UFO flap, residents of Colares reported seeing a variety of unexplained phenomena, including intense beams of light descending from the night sky. Many of these encounters resulted in physical effects such as temporary blindness, skin burns and puncture wounds on their bodies lending a terrifying credence to the reports. Locals referred to the UFOs as “Chupa Chupa” or “Sucker-Sucker” because they believed the lights were sucking their blood

One local fisherman described the phenomenon: “The light was as intense as the sun, and my skin felt like it was burning just from its presence.”

Such descriptions underscore the physical immediacy and terrifying reality of the encounters. Another resident, a schoolteacher, recounted, “Children and adults alike were terrified to go out at night. Many reported sleepless nights filled with anxiety about the unknown.”

These direct quotes highlight the profound emotional and psychological impact the events had on individuals, painting a picture of a community gripped by fear and uncertainty.

According to some ufologists, a number of individuals were reportedly killed or injured as a result of the “lights” fired upon them by the UFOs, with injuries consistent with radiation effects from microwaves.

Government Response: Operation Saucer

In response to these unsettling reports, the Brazilian Air Force launched Operation Saucer. This covert operation was tasked with monitoring the area, collecting evidence, and documenting encounters through photos and videos.

The operation was initially classified; details only emerged years later through leaked documents and whistleblower accounts. The focus of this section is on the methodology and findings of this operation, which remain partially shrouded in mystery.

The declassified documents from Operation Saucer provide a technical and somewhat detached perspective on the events compared to the civilian accounts. Military logs detail numerous encounters, often noting the time, duration, and behavior of the observed phenomena.

One excerpt from a military report states, “The object was observed stationary at approximately 100 meters above ground. It emitted a strong yellowish light and was observed for about two minutes before ascending at high speed.”

Photographic evidence, although grainy and often contested, shows blurred lights and shapes that were analyzed for patterns and potential explanations.

The Impact on Colares Community

Post-incident, the community of Colares experienced significant changes as the UFO sightings had a profound impact on the daily lives and psychological well-being of Colares’ residents. Schools reported lower attendance, while local fishermen were hesitant to venture out at night, fearing the strange lights.

Economic reports from the period show a downturn in local tourism, a major source of income for the town, as potential visitors stayed away due to fear of the unknown phenomena. Local businesses, particularly those operating at night like fishing and market vendors, reported substantial interruptions.

Interviews with community leaders and residents conducted years later reflect on the long-term effects, with one community leader noting, “The incident left a mark on Colares. People became more suspicious and less welcoming to outsiders, fearing they might bring unwanted attention or provoke another series of events.”

Conclusions and Theories

As you probably guessed, like most other UFO sightings, theories about the Colares UFO flap range from extraterrestrial visitations to secret military experiments, with much speculation fueled by the initial secrecy surrounding Operation Saucer.


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